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Master Sergeant Rich Johnson is the Benny Havens Band multi-instrumentalist, covering banjo, pedal steel, keys, and electronics. A member of the West Point Band since 2003, he is proud to help carry on the great tradition of Army bands entertaining and inspiring troops, veterans, and the American public. When he isn’t programming beats or working on the latest pedal steel solo, he enjoys shredding on the local ski hill or fishing on one of West Point’s lakes.


So many people have helped along the way. George Hitt, Byron Stripling, and Laurie Frink on trumpet, John Widgren and Steve Hinson on pedal steel, Tony Trishka on banjo — these are just a few folks who have helped me on my path.


Anything and everything!

When did you join the Army?


Current Projects:

Programming the inner workings of the Benny Havens Band setup on laptop. Diving deeper into social media as the Social Media NCOIC for the unit. Keeping up my banjo chops.

What are you working on?

Learning the pedal steel guitar parts for the Benny Havens Band’s new country album.

An Army performance highlight:

Playing for Wounded Warrior events in New York City and at West Point.


I knew I wanted to be a musician when…

I heard John Denver’s “Country Roads!”

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