Sgt. Major Scott Drewes

After getting introduced to the drums at seven years old by his father and driving his parents nuts practicing, Scott attended the North Carolina School of the Arts for high school.  Shortly after, Scott moved to New York City where he attended the Manhattan School of Music before moving to Washington D.C. to attend the University of Maryland for graduate school.  He then joined the Air Force before winning the job with the West Point Band.  Scott is now the drummer and in charge of the Benny Havens Band, a rock/pop/country group that plays for the Corps of Cadets and audiences around the nation.


Massie Johnson, Justin DiCioccio, and Steve Fidyk


Many, but right now any mainstream commercial music.

When did you join the Army?

2007 (Air Force 2001)

Current Projects:

Working on the new Benny Havens Band Country Recording

I knew I wanted to be a musician when…

…the band stopped playing to feature me and everyone kept dancing…I knew I could entertain people and make them happy.

An Army performance highlight:

My first Benny Havens Band Cadet Basic Training (Fourth of July) concert.  Playing for over 10K people and the new cadets and watching them go crazy…it felt like hitting a home run.