CPT Darrin Thiriot   


I’ve been blessed to be with military bands for 20 years. I started in the 23rd Army band, then the Air Force Band of the West for 1 year, then 12 years with the Air Force Band in D.C. West Point is my second assignment in the Army; before that I was stationed with the FORSCOM Band at Fort Bragg.



Christie Lundqist (Utah Symphony)


Chick Corea, Pat Metheney, Eddie Daniels, Richard Stolzman, many Symphony Orchestras

When did you join the Army?

February of 1995

Current Projects:

Trying to improve my clarinet playing, Jazz playing, preparing for a doctoral program audition, and studying scores of music that I’d like to conduct someday. I’m also trying to teach my kids music, theory, improvisation etc. I’m trying to give them early the skills I wish that I’d had earlier.

What do you enjoy doing off-duty?

Family, Music, Soccer


I knew I wanted to be a musician when…

I was in 9th grade band. I loved it so much by then that I knew I wanted to do something with music.

An Army performance highlight:

Performances at Trophy Point- the perfect melding of Music and Vista.

Did you know?

My best friend Steve and I once wrote our names in the street with gasoline and lit it on fire. We got caught and in a lot of trouble.