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The Hellcats at the NY Tattoo

The Hellcats at the NY Tattoo

On April 5, the West Point Band’s field music group, The Hellcats, performed on an international stage, featuring groups from Scotland, Canada, and the United States at the inaugural edition of the New York Tattoo. This event was presented by Mr. Magnus Orr, produced by MAJ(R) Bruce Hitchings from the Queen’s Highlanders, and narrated by MAJ(R) Alasdair Hutton, the voice of the Edinburgh Tattoo. Performing in the starring role, the Hellcats were given multiple standing ovations by the over 1,000 people at Mason Hall in New York City.

The tattoo was the main event for New York City’s Tartan Week, which was established to bring the best of a Scottish tradition to New York. The Hellcats premiered their new patriotic show that featured each section with special mention being made of the three piccolo players that have been brought back into the ranks of the group after an absence of nearly 40 years. The event ended with a huge finale that included all participating groups, and featured the Hellcats buglers performing “Last Post.”

The Hellcats are the field music group of The West Point Band, serving as the primary musical support for the U.S. Corps of Cadets. They are experts in traditional military field music, performing daily in drill and ceremonial duties for the U.S. Military Academy and West Point community. In addition to their integral role in training and inspiring the Corps of Cadets, The Hellcats often perform at tattoos, conventions, parades, on broadcast television, and for nationally and internationally recognized guests of honor who visit the U.S. Military Academy.