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SSG Torin Olsen gave a presentation entitled Photography: The Art of Seeing, to cadets in PY201, Intro to Philosophy, MAJ Harry Jones. SSG Olsen is the West Point Band’s piccolo player and a professional photographer. He showed how the processes inherent to photography can be a model for creative-problem solving.

SSG Olsen's Photography Workshop 1






SSG Olsen involved cadets directly in the photographic process by having them choose different variables– lighting, background, lens, depth of field– as one of their classmates became the subject of SSG Olsen’s photos. The photos were uploaded in real time to a screen, and the cadets were able to discuss how their choices affected the outcomes of the photos.

SSG Olsen's Photography Workshop 2







SSG Olsen's Photography Workshop 3







SSG Olsen’s presentation is part of a Creativity Series sponsored by the West Point Band’s Academic Initiative, which collaborates with West Point – The U.S. Military Academy’s academic departments to teach academic principles through the arts. Upcoming classes in the series include Creativity And Problem-Solving Through Percussion, The Art of Reed Making, and Jazz Improvisation and Ethics.