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West Point Band, Veterans Day

The West Point Band is excited to present its annual Veteran’s Day performance. Since I arrived to the band in 2005, this production more than any other has evolved into something special.

One of the first performances I played at West Point was our Veteran’s Day concert. And that’s all it was: a concert. The band sat down and played a few tunes. Some were patriotic, others not so much. That was our Veteran’s Day performance.

Today, it’s a multimedia production, complete with narration and video. The performers are made up of a large ensemble comprised of the Concert Band, Jazz Knights, and Hellcats. This concert has become a high priority for the West Point Band, and it shows in its production value.

I actually had my parents fly in from Kansas City for this concert last year. True story. I wanted them to see what the band is capable of. We had narrators feeding off each other while the band played music synchronized with video. My folks weren’t disappointed. The year before that, I told my wife to clear her schedule—this was one concert she didn’t want to miss. I’m telling you, Veteran’s Day at West Point has become something special.

Probably the biggest difference with this concert in recent years is how we tell a story through music. It’s so much more interesting for the audience this way, yes? This year, we’ve selected music representing all of America’s veterans. Everything from the Revolutionary War to the World Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan will be included on the program. It will all be performed in front of an enormous video screen, complete with narration, pictures, and video. You won’t want to miss it.

The West Point Band is excited to put on this grand production. It’s all for the veterans. It’s humbling. I can’t think of a greater way to serve on this important holiday.

Free tickets for are required for the performance. They can be downloaded at www.westpointband.com.

Words by Staff Sgt. Phil Stehly, Image by Staff Sgt. Mikki Skinner